© 2019 by Briana McNamara, Michigan-based artist and designer.


One Cares One and 361º

This product campaign was directed toward raising funds for One cares One, a nonprofit organization, to donate shoes to homeless children in the mountains of northern China. 361º, an athletic shoe company, partnered with the organization to raise awareness and funds.


My team's strategy was to create a new brand, fusing the two companies together to make an elite shoe brand – The Onesº. I designed three sleek and high fashion shoes inspired by Ai Wei Wei, controversial Chinese artist; Christian Louboutin, top shoe designer; and Cuijian, famous Chinese Rockstar. These designer shoes would be auctioned off to the highest bidder, and for each pair of shoes purchased 1,000 shoes would be donated. The Classics, generic editions of The Onesº, were then created to be sold to the public for a more affordable cost. With each pair of The Classics purchased, one pair of shoes is donated to a child in need.


Awarded a Bronze Pencil in the 2015 One Show Youth Creative Workshop and Competition in Beijing, China.

Awarded a Bronze ADDY in the 2016 Local American Advertising Awards.