Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces

Inspirational design campaign for an internationally-known surface manufacturing company.


Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces is an international organization that manufactures and distributes engineered surfaces. 

Having worked with the client on several other product capability-focused print pieces, our team pitched the creative concept for positioning the surface materials in an artistic way, creating inspiration for the interior design audience and elaborating on the company's rich history in product design. I assisted with stylizing and art directing a photoshoot that highlighted the surface materials from an abstract point of view, and incorporated the photos into a visually-stimulating brochure, social media graphics, and website landing page. 


Brochure Design
Social Media Content Design

Website/UX Design

At Wilsonart, we are equal parts art and engineering. 


That’s why our materials are 

as functional as they are unforgettable.


Each surface provides a canvas for color and texture, patterns and points of view. Always powerful. Always purposeful. Always having something to say.


Then there’s the science—the engineering that goes inside. It’s research and development, approached from design. Innovation and technology in 

the most relatable sense. 

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